Spring in Russia – Bolt Action Battlefield Pictures

Spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon with friends playing Bolt Action and having a BBQ.
Some impressions from the our small scenario which had ~800 points on each side – Germans vs. Russians. The Germans defended a little village somewhere in Western Russia 1943 and the Russians tried to cut this German resistance pocket off in order to bleed them out.
The game was a terrible loss for the Germans who got almost completely annihilated in about 5 rounds. Not only were they overwhelmed by the amount of Russian troops, but they also suffered from terrible dice rolls while the Russian player pretty much rolled whatever he needed.
Sharing a few impressions:
The calm before the storm


German units deployed and ready waiting for Ivan


Viewpoint from the Russians


The Red Army advancing


German command post


German units under heavy fire from incoming Russians


Veteran units protecting the outer wall of the church


T34 taking a look at the big cat



At the end of the battle

In case you have missed my posts about the Germans in this game, you can find those here and here.

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  1. Great pictures of some excellent terrain and figures!

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