No matter if you are looking for a great leader of your army or if you want to add a veteran that looks bad-ass, Stoessi’s Heroes are here to make your force stand out from the rest.

Also, if you simply love painting WW2 miniatures that are beautifully sculpted and with crisp detail, you have come to the right place. Stoessi’s Heroes has been brought to life to produce miniatures that appeal to both, gamers and painters.


In 2014 I thought to myself that it is a pity that most WW2 tabletop miniatures are really not of the highest quality. If you enjoy the painting part of our hobby, this can be a bit disappointing sometimes.

Enjoying the painting side of the hobby so much myself, I decided that I would look into producing a few high-quality pieces that I could use for my Bolt Action armies and which would certainly be a pleasure to paint.

Stoessi’s Heroes is for anyone who loves painting as much as gaming. Looking forward to seeing painted versions of my miniatures from other crazy guys like myself. 🙂

So may your Heroes inflict shock and awe on the battlefield and look absolutely stunning in your display cabinet! … or maybe they’ll just be another layer on top of your lead mountain… who knows? 😉

– Thomas “Stoessi” Stoesser

(Chief Hero Officer)