Duke of Bavaria 2015 – Boy, what an awesome event

This year’s Duke of Bavaria miniature painting event in Ingolstadt, the south of Germany, took place over the weekend. The Duke is an event that has gone through an evolution of being a pure historical miniature painting event to welcoming Fantasy and Sci-Fi painters over the years. As a result you get a really cool and interesting mix of artworks, visitors, painters and traders all united under the passion for beautifully painted miniatures.

If you love miniatures, you have to go! Period.

Now, I did take some pictures, but a) do I really suck at taking pictures because I usually just take a few and then I lose interest in taking pictures because EVERYTHING ELSE is so much more interesting. And b) I only had my phone with me this time (yes, I know…).

Awesome display that won gold in the Master Fantasy Painting category. The freehands on the elf are stunning and the little dragon fire box in the middle just an explosion of cuteness.
No comment. Must be something in the vodka.
Sascha Buczek (Goatman) with his “out of competition” display. Surely out of this world.

This little Gecko queen from Debbie Volquarts was one of my favorite miniatures in Fantasy Standard – such vibrant colors and cool details on the base!

I am a sucker for WW2 miniatures and busts anyway, but the paintjob on this one was sooooooooo good. Does anyone know who the artist is?
My Infinity gang. Yay!  🙂
Bolt Action & Dick Winters display. I think it is clear that my “bring-tabletop-miniatures-to-a-painting-contest” strategy is clearly working. 🙂
Of course, there was also loot to be had. I walked into the event on Friday saying something about not going to buy any more miniatures because I already have too many. I don’t exactly remember what happened next.
Where Vlado is, there is love in the air.
Vlado’s shop is a good source for many nice things that painters want. I think he is also one of the few guys in Germany who has Red Box miniatures in his shop. Go and take a look.
Fernando, my wife asked me who that puffer fish is. 🙂
If you don’t know the miniatures that Fernando’s is selling, you should take a look here: FeR Miniatures
So, to wrap my report up, some impressions from the area just around the exhibition hall. Ingolstadt really has very beautiful spots:
Right, and if you are still not convinced if you should go, here is the killer: They have different gluten-free and lactose-free cakes. And yes, they were yummy!

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  1. Hey, schicke Bilder. Freue mich schon dich auf dem Fernando wieder zu sehen.

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