Meet the Heroes: Friedhelm and the Wolf 

We have some exciting news for you! Starting January, a new vignette capturing an iconic scene from the German miniseries “Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter” (internationally known as “Generation War”) will be available in our collection. This time, we’ve chosen to depict the encounter between Friedhelm and the wolf in the forest. A Glimpse into the […]

Stoessi’s Heroes Resurfaces: New Partnerships, Milestones, and Exciting Releases!

Greetings, Stoessi’s Heroes enthusiasts! After a prolonged period of anticipation, we’re thrilled to break the silence and bring you a slew of exciting updates. Buckle up, because Stoessi’s Heroes is back with a bang! 1) A New Era: Welcoming Tabletop Basement! Yes, you heard it right – Stoessi’s Heroes is back in action! And this […]

Meet the Heroes: German Brigadeführer & Generalmajor – Heinz Harmel

Born in 1906, Harmel volunteered for the SS-Verfügungstruppe (later known as the Waffen-SS) in 1935 and served as a company commander in the SS-Regiment “Der Führer”, with which he took part in the Battle of France in 1940. In 1941, he took part in the Balkans Campaign and Operation Barbarossa. In December 1941, he took […]

Lots of updates and new stuff (Crisis, new logo, new miniatures, new resellers and lot of other things)

Right, let’s see. The last update on my blog happened about 4 weeks ago and it’s not like nothing happened in the meantime. If you follow my page on Facebook, you have already seen a lot of what has happened in the past month. I don’t want to discriminate the non-Facebook internet users, so let’s […]