5 Replies to “Pre-view of Lyudmilla Pavlichenko – Russian Female Sniper”

  1. Looking good! What I really like is she's not your typical 'all tits' wargames model.

  2. Thanks! Would you be interested in some of the minis that I have lined up? Would love to see painted versions from you!

  3. She'd make a great addition to my female soviet infantry unit, though I would have voted for Roza Shanina instead of Lyudmila 😀

    Looking forward to see her finished and I am already prepared to get her once she is available.

  4. Yeah, I was looking at her as well. Maybe I'll get her done too… after all, Sniper teams in BA need two models. 🙂

    1. Well for that I though of a scene of Roza and another girl … can't remember her name – I thought that one to be quite fitting:


      Still: I will get her as soon as she will be available. I'll get back to you on Sweetwater forum as soon as I have returned from work in a couple of days. 😀

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