Stoessi’s Heroes Wave 2: Painting excitement and distractions from the real world

The feedback that I’ve received so far for my little range of WW2 personalities, has been fantastic and I am very happy with all the positive comments on Facbook, forums and emails. Thank you!!
Now, I wish I could tell you already that the wait for Stoessi’s Heroes Wave 2 is over, but life just isn’t a big fan of overly confident plans, is it? While I have pretty much everything ready for shipping, I am bound for a 2-week business trip to Canada and the US tomorrow and that means that I won’t be able to process any orders. And because of that, I decided to hold them back from the online store until I get back. I hope people understand that I do this because I want to avoid customers getting frustrated due to long waiting times after they placed an order.
Stay tuned for August 1st…










Now let’s get some color slapped on them!


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