Stoessi’s Heroes Update: A bridge too far – Robert Urquhart

Stoessi’s Heroes pre-view time again!
This time around we are proudly presenting a British airborne miniature that was inspired by the movie “A bridge too far”, a classic from 1977. It is based on the historical events around Operation Market Garden. In the movie, Sean Connery plays Major General Roy Urquhart of the 1st British Airborne Division. 
Check out our version of Roy:

Let us know what you think.

8 Replies to “Stoessi’s Heroes Update: A bridge too far – Robert Urquhart”

  1. Hello !

    Very nice work

  2. Yes, very evocative of Sean Connery's pose without infringing on his likeness.


  3. Superb where can I get one?

    1. It'll be available in a couple of months once I have the casts. I am selling it via my own store ( and also via Heer46 ( as well as PK-PRO ( I am still looking for resellers in the US and the UK.

  4. Splendid figure!
    I'm looking forward to seeing him available.

    Do your figures match well with Warlord Games figures?
    (especially the paras by Paul Hicks of course…)


    1. Hi Stefan, Thanks! Yes, they do fit quite well with both, Warlord plastics and metals. Cheers, Thomas

  5. Thomas, will I be able to get you to paint one for me? He'd be a great addition to my (slightly enormous) collection of Paras!

    1. Hello my friend, maybe… I am not a regular commission painter and with a full-time job I might not be able to commit to a deadline. Feel free to send me an email: tstoesser(at)gmail(dot)com.

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