More Warlord Germanz with Maxmini heads

Managed to complete this small squad of Germans where I used Warlord miniatures, but swapped out the heads for these here from Maxmini.
The guy on the left was already finished last year and I had already posted pictures of him.

So, what’s next?
The next miniatures that I have started are especially exciting for me as those have been sculpted for me and I will have about 100 copies each made. 
Not giving away too much detail before they are ready, but expect something in the direction of WW2… something for the Germans and the Americans. And I think you will love those sculpts! 
Stay tuned. 

6 Replies to “More Warlord Germanz with Maxmini heads”

  1. Oooo got some custom sculpted pieces huh? That's pretty wicked dude.. Will be cool to see the entire force together at this level of quality!

  2. Yes, very exciting and fun to paint "your own" figure. 🙂 Waiting for the copies to arrive. For one of them I had a few copies already, so one new paintjob is coming up shortly. 🙂

  3. Looking excellent! Your paintjob is flawless as always. Only the Heads are waaaay to hig and imho don't actually do your painting justice.

  4. I love your painting style. These guys look fantastic, though their faces are making the weirdest expressions!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments! Yes, the heads are big and they do have weird expressions, but I think it gives them a bit of a cartoonish style and I don't mind that. But I can see how this might not be everybody's cup of tea.

  6. Fantastic. I'm intrigued by the specially sculpted mini's!

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