Almost a year ago I thought to myself that it is a pity that most WW2 tabletop miniatures are really not of the highest quality. If you enjoy the paining part of our hobby, this can be a bit disappointing sometimes. Enjoying the painting side of the hobby so much myself, I decided that I would look into producing a few high-quality pieces that I could use for my Bolt Action armies and which would certainly be a pleasure to paint. 

Happy to announce Schütze Otto Hottenrott wearing a combination of a long-coat and a Zeltbahn poncho:

€5,90 a piece + shipping

If you are interested in a copy of  Otto, ping me: 


or just visit my store
28mm scale, white metal casts.

One more picture to compare scale with other miniatures:

From left to right: Warlord plastic, Warlord metal, Stoessi’s Heroes, Artizan Designs, Heer46


  1. Could'nt agrre with you more that's why i started converting mine.
    Again a magnificent figure and a beautiful painting.


  2. Thanks George!

    Would love to see some of your more current stuff. Your blog http://ghpaintingminis.blogspot.de/ hasn't been updated in a while, but the stuff in those older posts looks really nice! Do you share your recent work somewhere else online?

  3. Really nice work. How did you get the camo so subtle?

    1. I wish I had done more WIP pictures, but for unforunately I only have some from the initial stages of painting the Zeltbahn and then pictures of the almost finished paintjob. :S
      Well, essentially I started out with painting the poncho in Green Brown (Model Color). At this stage I already place all the shadows and highlights. Then I applied the actual camo pattern using Splinter Blotches (Model Color) and Reflective Green (Model Color). Next, I started working on highlights and shadows again on the camo pattern and started applying different glazes to a) change the tonalities and bring back some more color and saturation (yellow on the upper half of the figure and green/blue/brown on the lower part) and b) to intensify shadows overall (black-brown or black-brown-blue glazes in the darkest shadows). To finish up the camo pattern, I used German Dark Green to paint a few vertical lines here and there. Done! 🙂
      I have to admit that painting camo that way, irrespective of the actual camo pattern, is pretty time intensive and I wouldn't want to paint a whole army wearing camo outfits. 😉

    2. Thanks heaps for replying! The results speak for themselves. I'll definately pick a figure up from you at some stage, might wait for some of your other releases to help negate postage costs to Australia. Keep up the good work

  4. I am interested in the figure, how may I obtain him?


    1. Please ping me via email, so we can sort out the details regarding payment and shipping: tstoesser(at)gmail(dot)com.

  5. How to make it? Please share the instruction, thank you.

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