Bolt Action Painting Update – Germans with field caps from Warlord

Getting Stoessi’s Heroes Miniatures up and running has certainly kept me busy over the last couple of months, so painting was a bit slow as a result.

The good news is that I am off work for two weeks now and that the next batch of new models for Stoessi’s Heroes is already planned out and in the process of being made.

So it’s PAINTING TIME!1!! 🙂

The fun already started on Sunday when I met with Martin and Kerstin from the wargames club Spieltrieb Frankfurt and Denis from Heer46 to spend the afternoon painting/chatting/drinking coffee.

I had brought some plastic warlord Germans to the which I had already outfitted with different metal heads. During the course of the afternoon I made good progress and was able to finish them yesterday.

With regards to the heads I leave it up to you to decide whether to like them or not. Some of them look really cool I think (guy with the glasses!), but others look really weird… Oh well… at least some more variety in my army and not just the same 4 or 5 heads that come with the plastic sprues.

This time I actually also glued on ALL the field gear that is included in the set. While it looks nice, it takes way more time to paint…. so I might not do that again. 😉

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