Stoessi’s Heroes Miniatures now available at Heer46 and PK-PRO

I am glad to announce that Stoessi’s Heroes Miniatures is now available at two fantastic online shops that have tons of good stuff for gamers, modellers and painters:
Heer46 is a fantastic resource for every WW2 wargamer. Definitely also check out their blog where they showcase the upcoming 28mm miniatures of their own range. Fantastic stuff!!
PK-PRO not only carries great miniatures, but they have a wide selection of really good brushes, basing materials, airbrush equipment, painting guides and more. If you are serious a painter and modeller you should absolutely check them out.
At this point I would also like to say Thank you to Denis from Heer46 and Felix from PK-PRO for their support in helping me creating Stoessi’s Miniatures! Thanks for all the hints, tips and pointers!!
Anway, let’s take a look behind the scenes and what happened at Stoessi’s Heroes recently:
The last few weeks I was busy getting everything ready for making Stoessi’s Heroes Miniatures look like an actual, professional product. That meant organizing blister packaging and rubber foam as well as designing the inlay prints for the packaging.
All of this took a while, but I think the effort paid off:
First sticker test print




If you are a shop owner or reseller and you would like to add Stoessi’s Heroes to your range, feel free to ping me at stoessisheroes(at)gmail(dot)com or via my Facebook page.


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