Josh from Zombicide

I am starting to really, really like fast and worry-free in-between paintjobs… Quick, dirty and with a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards.

Boy was this one here fun – one of the survivor miniatures from the Zombicide boardgame. Casting quality and the material are not for lovers of super-sharp detailed miniatures. It is a gaming miniature and for a gaming mini it looks nice. 

Proudly presenting: Josh – from start to finish in about 5 hours

The freehand on the chest is a tribute to one of Germany’s most legendary techno clubs that has long closed its doors. 

2 Replies to “Josh from Zombicide”

  1. Great work, I have thought how good it would be to paint the some of the Zombiecide survivors, but then you would also have to make a start on the zombies too.

  2. Yes, well… I have to admit that I couldn't stand the thought of painting 60+ Zombie models, so I had those painted for me. 😉 Not sure yet how I will deal with the Zombies from the other seasons. Maybe I really need to find a quick & dirty way myself to batch paint them.

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