US Airborne bust WIP #5

I’ve been painting quite a bit over the past few weeks, but I wasn’t able to post any picture updates. 
After the painting most of my US airborne’s field gear & backback separately, I am now starting to assemble everything to see how the overall light situation works. I am mostly happy how it turned out, but I think I have about 10 hours of painting left: 
* The face needs to become a little warmer and it needs more tonalities like the hands
* The uniform needs stronger shadows and lights and possibly some more color variation
* The metallic parts need more depth – so far I have only used graphite pens and powder to achieve the metallic effects. I might have to also use some regular metallic paints.
* The rifle’s leather strap still needs to be glued on and I need to finish the paint job on this part as well.

I also completed one of the fantastic new 28mm WW2 miniatures from Heer46 which are going to be released soon. Absolute pleasure to paint and I am really excited about these new releases. As soon as they are released, I will also post a few pictures of the version that I painted. 

Also, I did a quick paint job of my first Zombicide survivor yesterday at a painting jam with a few friends in Frankfurt. Pictures are going to follow this week.

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