Hermann, the (rather big-headed) German

Last weekend a few miniature freaks from the area around Frankfurt got together at my place and spent a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon in the basement painting tiny (and in some cases slightly bigger) miniatures. 
When I prepared the painter’s meetup in the morning, I noticed a few heads from maxmini.eu which I had primed already. So I grabbed one of the sprues from Warlord Games and assembled a German with one of the shiny new heads.
I think the heads are slightly too big for the Warlord Games plastic, but I didn’t really mind as I quite like the cartoon-ish look that you get as a result.
So, here he is, Hermann Grosskopf:

As I painted the guy almost completely in one session, there aren’t many WIP pictures. This is what he looked like after spending one afternoon painting together:

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