Zombicide Amy

Work and travel has kept me from painting, but as I was doing painting demonstrations at the Dice & Bayonets wargaming convention in Speyer, Germany, I still managed to finish up the next survivor miniature for Zombicide.

Two more survivors to go and I’ll have the first set from Zombicide Season 1 all painted up and it’ll be time to invite guys over for gaming.

But let’s take a look at Amy first:

Painting the pattern of the pantyhose was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. It isn’t completely accurate in all places, but I am happy with the effect overall.
The approach that I took for painting this was something like this:
1) Painted the legs with skin tones and put down some rough lights and shadows.
2) Painted the zigzag pattern line by line with black and a little purple mixed in.
3) Glazed the legs with a dark grey-green tone overall, applying more glazes on the shadow areas.
Done. 🙂

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  1. Excellent. The whole effect is stunning.

  2. Great work Stoessi! Amy is a favourite figure of mine and you've done an excellent job on her. I was a little scared by the pantyhose so went for black stockings without the net effect 😉

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