WIP update (US airborne bust, Bolt Action Germans)

This weekend has been really good in terms of finding time for painting. Spend a few hours on the US airborne on Saturday. I made good progress with the hand grenade, the first aid kit and the field gear which is going to be attached to his belt.

Still tons of work to do: backpack, belt, green patches on elbows, pistol, screaming eagles shoulder badge, all metal parts…
And I also wanted to play a bit more with different tones and colors in the jacket… Well, let’s see how much progress I make in the coming weeks before the Duke of Bavaria (Herzog von Bayern) event in Ingolstadt in May.

On Sunday I decided to continue with some more work on my Germans for Bolt Action and also on a nice base with a flag as mission marker.

The guy on the right is my first attempt at painting splinter camo in 28mm. I think it came out ok so far and there is still a little bit of work to do, but I am sure that with a little practice I should get the hang of it.

The primed model in the background is a German model that Dennis, the guy behind,  Heer46 is going to release this year. Looks really nice and I can’t wait to make this high-quality and high-detail model shine. 🙂

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