Stoessi’s US Airborne army @ Scale Model Challenge

This was my entry for the “Armies on display” competition at Scale Model Challenge. Finished the display board really last minute and had less then a week to get from zero to done.Really happy that I took a bronze medal home for my little army.

One more interesting fact of my trip to Eindhoven was this:

Yes, this is my car… on the hotel parking lot… 
The worst part was that I still hadn’t finished my display board for the army and getting new wheels sorted and talking to the police, etc. really took away precious time to finish my contest entry. In the end, I did finish it, I got new wheels for my car and I even won a bronze medal with my army, so overall a memorable weekend!

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  1. Great display piece and a well deserved medal I'd say. Too bad about the tires though! Hopefully those thievish little basterds get caught and bbq'ed.

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