Stoessi’s Heroes Medal of Recommendation: The Tightheadprop Painting Studio

Remember that we have this cool version of Mariya Oktyabrskaya coming out?

Well, for the second pose I obviously needed a nicely painted T34 tank and while I had the model, I couldn’t find the time to work on it. Very frustrating. 🙁

So to the rescue came…. Carsten Schwejda, or better known as THE TIGHT HEAD PROP. If you haven’t heard of him, check out this stuff:

Especially his Youtube Channel is really cool I think:

Anyway, so Carsten agreed to take over the paintjob of the T34 for me and I send him the model a couple of weeks ago.

Not even two weeks later, the model is beautifully painted. I am really impressed by the level of the paintjob AND the speed at which Carsten delivered it. Absolutely amazing!

More pictures here:

So hereby I award Stoessi’s Medal of Recommendation to Carsten Schwejda from The Tightheadprop Painting Studio! 🙂


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