Impressions from the Battlefield

A more impressions from yesterday’s 1000 point game US Airborne. We played the mission Top Secret with a US list that had lots of veterans and a 105mm howitzer Sherman against Germans without any armoured vehicles, but with a Hauptmann (Captain) in their ranks.

In the end, the Germans took the objective and won the game. Of course, there was this one decisive moment when a 9 man US veteran squad right next to the objective tried to rally and managed a FUBAR instead.

Fun game. Chili con carne. Three beers. Successful Friday night.


“Are you sure you don’t need my help with setting up the table?”

“Let’s just ban the Germans from taking the objective!”

Sherman 105mm: One… German truck: Zero…

German truck: One… US Jeep: Zero…


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  1. George Hatzopoulos says: Reply

    Beautiful set up


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