Meet The Heroes: Colonel David Stirling “Phantom Major” – Founder of the SAS

With a whole bunch of new Stoessi’s Heroes releases coming out in the next few weeks, I am getting super-excited and would like to share some of my excitement by introducing you to each of the new heroes one by one.

If you are following my group on Facebook, you have already seen a sneak-preview of most of the new miniatures. This post here is the first part in a little series called “meet the heroes” is meant to provide a bit more background information on each of the new heroes. It is well worth the read, as all of the heroes in my range were remarkable ladies & gentlemen and each of them have a really cool story behind them.

Please meet….

British Army Colonel David Stirling “Phantom Major”

Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling was a British Army officer, and the founder of the Special Air Service in WW2. He formed and trained the first elements of the SAS on the premise that a small unit of elite, highly trained commandos could create more havoc and inflict more damage on the enemy than a company of regular soldiers. In 15 months, the SAS destroyed over 250 aircraft on the ground, dozens of supply dumps and put hundreds of enemy vehicles out of action. Field Marshal Montgomery said Stirling was “possibly quite mad,” but allowed as to how Britain needed such men in time of war.

If you only want to read “at a glance” what kind of guy David Stirling was, take a look at what Undiscovered Scotland has written about him.

I personally found him so fascinating that I searched for more and finally found this really interesting video Youtube on the SAS and David Stirling is even getting interviewed in it… really cool!

One more read that I can highly recommend is the book “The Phantom Major” by Virginia Cowles. Absolutely fantastic storytelling of the founding days of the SAS that gives you also a good impression of what kind of guy David Stirling was.


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  1. Great figure – both the sculpt and the history! I’m looking forward to getting this one on my painting table in the future.

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