Stoessi’s Personal Projects: Reinforcements for my US Airborne

After coming back from the personal coaching with Ben Komets, I really wanted to practice the main technique that he had shown me… the loaded brush! 🙂

In essence it is a wet-blending technique where you have a well diluted base color in the reservoir of your brush and a little bit of white color (Schmincke Artist Acryl paste in this case) on the tip of your brush. When you start to paint with your brush setup like that, the two colors start mixing right where you paint and you can pretty quickly build up gradients.

I decided to paint some reinforcements for an army which I have been playing regularly, but which hasn’t seen a lot of additions for a while: My US Airborne.

More pics:

This is not going to be a step-by-step as I didn’t take enough WIP shots to write a meaningful article, but I want to share the main color recipe that I used, of course:

For the uniforms I used (all colors Vallejo Model Color) Middlestone and US Field Drab for the base. More Middlestone in the mix for the jackets and more US Field Drab in the mix for the trousers. For highlights I used Dark Sand and Schmincke PRIMAcryl titanium white and for the shadows I mixed Black with my base colors.














































































I always start my bases by throwing almost all the colors on my palette onto the base and to just wetblend them. Once that is dry, I do a light dry-brush. I then start glueing flock, static grass, etc. to the base. Lastly, I apply several different washes across various parts of the base and once that is dry, I apply some pigments that I scrape off of pastel chalks.














3 Replies to “Stoessi’s Personal Projects: Reinforcements for my US Airborne”

  1. They look great!

  2. Hi,
    These are wonderful figures, can I ask what software you sculpted with.
    I’d be interested in learning more about the art.
    Thanks for any help…

  3. Thomas Stoesser says: Reply

    Thanks, but I didn’t sculpt these. They are from Artizan Designs, Offensive Miniatures and Warlord Games.

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