Meet the Heroes: Simone Segouin aka Nicole Minet

Simone Segouin, also known by her “nom de guerre” Nicole Minet is a former French resistance fighter who served in the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans group (Free-shooters and Partisans, or FTP) – a combat alliance made up of militant communists and French nationalists. She was credited with capturing 25 Germans and killing several more in the Chartres, France area. She was also present in Paris, France during the city’s liberation. For her efforts during the war, she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and was awarded the Croix de guerre.

Read the full story about her here:

Simone Segouin, the 18 year old French Resistance fighter, 1944

Our version of Simone is very much based on the available images of her, but we thought it would be nice to make the pose a bit more dynamic.

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    ——–I am loking for simone segouin

    From: Patrick Pratt

    I am loking for simone segouin
    Hope this finds you well and safe. As you can see below I am Honoring WWII VETERANS witch she is one

    . I am trying to cover all veterans and all aspects of the war. I am on Facebook also my Email​

    I teach veteran groups and school kids. I would love for her to sign a WWII photo and a curent on i use them to teach because the history books leave so much out. If she would put a little of her story on back of photo. I would be Greatly Honored

    Respect and Honor to all veterans and their families and friends

    I want to thank all veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice when one in a family serves the family serves.

    * If you had someone serve in WWII and has passed (sorry for your loss) would you please send me a photo with veterans name, unit served with, and photo location on the back or as much information as you can, it would be a great honor. Thank you

    ** I am also looking **** for WWII veterans to send me a signed photo of them in WWII

    I am trying to honor ALL our great veterans (Teach the new veterans and school kids about the "Greatest Generation" and the hardship and sacrifice each veteran makes.Keeping their story alive.

    I Respect and Honor those who gave so much

    I am a combat veteran of the 2nd Armored Division, Army Officer 88 to 93. Iraq and Kuwait

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    ​ Most Veterans are not related by blood but they are brothers and sisters yesterday, today, and forevermore

    ​ All Gave Some, Some Gave All
    ​ And some had to fall
    ​ And if you ever think of me
    ​ Think of all your liberties and recall
    ​ Some gave all

    ​ I'm looking for pitures and information on battlefields, veterans, POW's, concentration camps, etc.​ Looking for camp survivors and their families, liberators etc.​ Every story I can tell veteran groups and school kids is one story that stays alive.​ Thanks again Stay safe

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