As of Nov 4th 2023, Stoessi's Heroes are changing their sales & distribution. We are partnering with our good friends from Tabletop-Basement, the WW2 tabletop wargaming specialists in Germany! In just a few weeks, our whole range will be available at - more updates will follow here and on our Facebook page.

SPONSORSHIP for Brushes vs. Demons – Support for British Army Veterans


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This is a sponsorship option that you can buy to show your support for British Army Veterans. Each sponsorship translates into a free Stoessi’s Heroes miniature that Andy and his painting group can choose from my range. If you want to learn more about Andy and his group of Army veterans who fight their demons with brushes, read the article below.

Everyone who buys a sponsorship option doesn’t only show great support, but gets a nice little bonus on top: a 25% voucher for your next purchase at our store. 🙂

And last but not least, for every 3 sponsorship options that get purchased by the community, I will add in one extra figure for #brushesvsdemons!

Brushes vs Demons – Support for British Army Veterans


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