Meet the Heroes: German Medical Officer Angela “Mutti” Murkel

Hey folks! Here is another figure for our category “SPECIAL HEROES”:¬†German Medical Officer Angela “Mutti” Murkel ūüôā Disclaimer: Any similarities with living or dead persons is purely coincidental, of course. In case you were wondering. “Angela is one of the most stoic, reliable and calm medical officers that the Wehrmacht has to offer. Her ‚ÄúWe […]

Stoessi’s Blitzdepesche – Dick Winters & Special Guest Partisan Leader Grigori Jefimowitsch

So, let’s talk about the two “mystery miniatures” from my last workbench-update post. One of them is a test cast of Captain Winters and I think it’s looking quite good actually. A friend of mine pointed out that he looks a bit like the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schr√∂der. So here he is then…. Gerhard […]

Meet the Heroes: German Hauptmann Friedrich Konrad Winkler

Hauptmann Friedrich Konrad Winkler was the Kompanief√ľhrer (Company Commander) of the 6. Kompanie / Grenadier-Regiment 577 during the battles at Barrikady Gun Factory in Stalingrad. In January 1943, his regiment was destroyed. Winkler was captured in February and he died shortly after his capture, at the age of 34 in POW camp Beketowka. In the […]

Meet the Heroes: Simone Segouin aka Nicole Minet

Simone Segouin, also known by her ‚Äúnom de guerre‚ÄĚ Nicole Minet is a former French resistance fighter who served in the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans group (Free-shooters and Partisans, or FTP) ‚Äď a combat alliance made up of militant communists and French nationalists. She was credited with capturing 25 Germans and killing several more in the […]